UFC Fight Night: improved takedown techniques, says Kevin Holland


After two straight losses in 2021, Kevin Holland is set for a turnaround in the Oct. 2 fight against Kyle Daukaus at UFC Fight Night led by Thiago Santos against Johnny Walker.

“Mentally, there’s nothing different between me and the Kevin Holland that I was before. Mentally, that would never change. Still loudmouth, you know, no change. Physically, I’m struggling. It’s up to you. pretty much everything, ”said the“ Trailblazer ” Sports star during an interaction.

In his losses to Derek Brunson and Marvin Vettori by unanimous decision earlier in the year, Holland revealed his vulnerability to teardown. However, the 28-year-old believes he has plugged the holes in his technique.

“My defense against the withdrawal is simple. I learned a few little tricks: bring the head to the center, smother it on it, pull the head leg back when I need it. But if I pull the lead leg back and it goes for the right leg, then I have something for that too. I got a little of this, a little of that. I am a supreme athlete. If you think there’s something physical that I can’t learn when I think about it, you’re crazy, ”he said.

“Learn from the best”

Reacting to Daukaus’ jibe that he anticipated the same technique and tactics from Hollande, the latter said: “Daukaus is going to say a lot, it’s his job to speak right now. He’s not used to talking. He learns from the best. If he doesn’t see anything new, it’s good for me. If he’s expecting to see more bullshit then that might be a little scary. But if Kyle thinks I’m the same man as before, then I’ll probably be happy. We will see how it will work for him.

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With an overall MMA (mixed martial arts) record of 21 wins and 7 losses, Holland had a dream run in 2020 where he won five successive fights in eight months, until his winning streak was interrupted by Brunson in May.

‘A married couple’

Currently training under former UFC welterweight champion and Johny Hendricks, who is known for his restraint, a verbally exuberant Dutchman said: “It’s like a married couple waiting to happen. We are doing pretty well. I can get along with just about anyone. I have a personality that is out of this world. You need me to be cool, calm, and collected, and I can be cool, calm, and collected. You need high level energy from me, I can have high level energy.

Big Mouth also briefly enlisted the services of former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in California before deciding to prioritize his fatherly duties.

“I did a stint with Daniel Courmier. I think it went pretty well. But I had to go home. I am a single father. I had to take care of it first. Daniel Courmier, a hell of a wrestler. But I have ties to Texas and had to stick to those ties for now. So we’re going to stick with the Johnny Hendricks thing, ”he said.

Holland said that while everyone was anxious to see if he had improved in the business or not, he was confident in the victory. «October 2, click on ESPN and log in, watch Big Mouth get the word out, baby, ”he signed.

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