UFC Fight Night 194 play-by-play and live scores


Round 1 – Jackson pumps the jab and Rosa steps back. Jackson walks forward and moves through the clinch and directs the action towards the cage. Melee battle. Rosa with one knee inside. Jackson complains that it’s low, but Rosa doesn’t seem to think so. They argue a bit, and we get a break from the action. Quick press on restart. Strikes from both, including a sneaky kick from Jackson. He’s the one moving forward right now, but Rosa is happy to step back and take her own moments of offense. Jackson walks forward again, leading him to the cage. Rosa with a wide stance against the fence. Jackson with a few knees then backs up. The pace remains high. Jackson just misses a front kick to the face. Jackson slips under a punch and eventually gets the takedown, but Jackson immediately turns to the leg below. Jackson turns with it and lands a few big punches. Jackson has control of the right leg, but Jackson is safe as he kneels and strikes. Jackson turns to ring the bell, but he’s running out of time. MMA Junkie gives Jackson the first, 10-9.

Round 2 – Jackson comes out quickly and also shoots the high kick. Rosa turns around in the pocket and places a right hand. Jackson pushes forward and knocks Jackson off balance. Rosa rolls through her and comes back to her feet. Jackson with a flying knee as he charges forward and brings him down. Rosa tries the leg again, but it’s not there. Rosa crawls to her feet, but Jackson does. goes to the back and drags him in a kneeling position. Jackson stands up and he receives a warning for grabbing the fence as he works against the cage. Jackson stays with him and trains him again. Rosa immediately to a kneeling position, and he stands up. Jackson still on his back. Another warning to Rosa for grabbing the cage. Jackson does not let go and drags him again. Jackson tries to back up, but he’s stoned, so he needs to back up a bit. Rosa gets up again, but he just can’t break free. Jackson lifts his opponent in there and slams him against the canvas, and this time he gets a hook. Figure four follows, and Jackson drives out the choke. Rosa is able to twist around a bit and release the pressure, but Jackson is now on top and firing with punches and elbows. Jackson tries to tie the triangle of the arms to the end, but the horn sounds. MMA Junkie gives it to Jackson, 10-9. I wouldn’t hate a 10-8 there.

Round 3 – Rosa has to shake things up. The rotating elbow lands big. But as they engage, Jackson wraps his arm around his neck and drags the action onto the canvas. Jackson is cut off and flees badly. He tries to finish, but Jackson pulls his arm away. Jackson has blood flowing near his right eye. He desperately needs the pressure. Rosa crawls and we get a time out. The doctor is coming to take a look, but we will continue to fight. Jackson is on his back. He gets a withdrawal, but he can’t keep it. Rose pulls back and scrambles. Blood is all over both fighters. This is madness. The canvas is splashed. Rosa is able to slide and control forward as Jackson kneels down. Jackson is just holding his right arm. Rosa changes, and he has a crucifix on his back. Jackson’s head down, and Rosa pulls him back to turn around. Rosa can attack the back, but Jackson spins on the inside. Great time there from Jackson. Less than a minute. Rosa kicks high in the legs and looks for the triangle. Bot there. Jackson passes his legs. Rosa scrambles until the end. Wow. Talk about bowel control. MMA Junkie gives the final round to Rosa, 10-9, but attributes the fight to Jackson, 29-28.

Results: Damon Jackson beat. Charles Rosa by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)
to summarize: Damon Jackson survives horrific Charles Rosa decision cutoff
Pictures: UFC Fight Night 194: Best Las Vegas Pictures
Recordings: Damon Jackson (19-4-1 MMA, 2-2-1 UFC), Charles Rosa (14-6 MMA, 5-6 UFC)
Division: lightweight
Broadcast: ESPN +
Arbitrator: Chris Tognoni
Judge: Dave Hagen (29-28, giving Jackson rounds 1 and 2), Mike Bell (29-27, giving Jackson rounds 1 and 2, with a 10-8 in round 2), Adalaide Byrd (30-27 )

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