Two downtown robbery suspects were out on bail. Philly DA Larry Krasner said the case demonstrates flaws in the system.

Two of the three men suspected of having participated in the downtown robbers were released on bail during the robberies, according to court records. And one of them had already been arrested twice in four months this year for illegal possession of firearms and drug trafficking.

That prompted District Attorney Larry Krasner on Monday to strike at the city’s bail commissioners. At a news conference at his office, Krasner said the commissioners denied his office’s requests to set bail in each of those cases at a prohibitive amount — just under $1 million — that would have could have been an obstacle to the release of the men before the trial. . Instead, they posted thousands of dollars in bail and returned to the streets.

Krasner called it “shocking” and “astonishing” that the men could have been freed before the brazen robberies.

“It’s indicative of what we’ve been talking about for a very, very long time, which is how a cash bond system completely fails us,” he said.

A court spokesperson declined to provide an immediate response to Krasner’s remarks.

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The comments fueled an intense debate in Philadelphia and elsewhere around bail reform. Krasner’s critics have often accused him of to be too lenient with bail applications for the defendants.

The DA, meanwhile, has derided the city’s cash bail system as ineffective, saying, among other things, that it can get dangerous people with cash to pay for their release from jail, while the poor often remain imprisoned to await trial even though they ‘do not pose a threat to public safety.

Krasner identified the robbery suspects as 22-year-old Terrence Mitchell; Trevon Johnson, 19; and Shiyhiem Johnson, 19. Police said last week the men were arrested at 17th and Locust streets about an hour after they allegedly stole a watch and cellphone from a man and his fiancee in Point Breeze.

When the men were arrested, police say they were in a Lincoln MKZ that had been used in another robbery a week earlier. In that case, police say two men exited the Lincoln at 200 Mozart Place and then stole a man’s Rolex watch at gunpoint.

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Shiyhiem Johnson is the only person to face charges in both robberies so far, according to court records. But police said they were investigating potential links between a dozen cases in the city center dating back to September.

During Krasner’s press conference on Monday, prosecutor Helen Park, deputy supervisor of the gun violence task force, said that at least two of the robbery suspects – she did not say who – “are associated with several key players in street group violence” in Southwest Philadelphia. She declined to provide details except to say that investigations into the violence, which includes homicides, and the robberies were ongoing.

Prior to his arrest last week, Mitchell had already been detained twice this year. He was charged in January with carrying a weapon without a license in Kingsessing, according to court records. And he was charged in April with selling crack cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines in the same neighborhood.

In both cases, Krasner said, prosecutors asked that Mitchell be held on $999,999 bail. But in the gun case, court records show Mitchell’s bail was set at $25,000, and in the drug case, it was set at $75,000. In each case, according to court records, Mitchell was able to pay 10% of his bail to get out. There’s no record of prosecutors filing appeals either. amount of the deposit, as they are authorized to do.

Trevon Johnson was also arrested for unlawfully carrying four firearms through the streets of Kingsessing in May, court records show. After his arrest, prosecutors also asked for $999,999 bail, Krasner said. Instead, it was set at $150,000. Johnson paid 10% of that amount to be released within a week and a half, according to court records. Again, there is no record of prosecutors appealing that decision, according to court records.

After their arrest last week, the three robbery suspects are now in jail, according to court records. Bail in each of the theft cases was set at at least $500,000. And bail in Mitchell’s previous drug case was also increased to $625,000.

Lawyers for the three men could not be reached for immediate comment.