Tommy Fury “fairly confident” that he will come to an agreement on Jake Paul’s fight, but swears he will fight in December with or without him


Will Tommy Fury be Jake Paul’s next opponent?

Even though Paul continues to troller Fury daily on social networks, this is a question that remains without a definitive answer. The two boxers are in talks for a year-end showdown, and Fury said on Wednesday MMA time that although he had heard no updates over the past week while in Las Vegas supporting his half-brother Tyson ahead of the Deontay Wilder trilogy, he is “pretty confident” that they will be able to reach an agreement.

“I’m ready, like I’ve always said,” Fury said on MMA time. “This fight, anyone who knows me and has seen me train in the gym and seen my performances in other fights knows I’m way too much for Jake Paul and knows it’s a lag. So if he really wants this fight, I don’t know. I know he offered money on it. I know he did this and that, but the offers he made were terrible.

“I know I can crush a Jake Paul anywhere in this ring because what is he?” He’s a YouTuber and he’s taken to boxing, he’s a man with a pair of boxing gloves. He has no talent. What’s wrong with him? We saw it in the fight against Tyron Woodley. He was doing eight rounds, Woodley never punched and [Paul] was gassed and he was looking at the clock every round so what is he going to do with me that’s going to squeeze him every second of every minute in this fight? He will collapse and that will be his end.

Fury, 22, has been closely linked with a fight with Paul since making his United States debut on August 29 in Paul’s game against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Fury won a unanimous decision on that card over Paul’s training partner, former Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor, to take his professional boxing record to 7-0. And while Fury admits his own performance was lackluster, he was far less impressed with what he saw of Paul’s eight-round victory over the former UFC welterweight king.

“I thought it was absolutely shocking,” Fury said. “Look, my performance wasn’t the best, was it? But his performance was absolutely shocking. Absolutely evil. He was hit all of a sudden, almost falling through the ropes. His footwork is horrible. He doesn’t move his head at all. He’s just what he is, isn’t he? It looked a little fishy to me, to be fair, because once Woodley hit him with that right hand he walked away [Paul]. He was through the ropes.

“Now if it had been [me], I would have been all over him, crushing with 10 or 12 punches all around the head. But I do not know. Listen, he is what he is, isn’t he? He’s a novice. As much as I am, but he is more novice than me.

Fury and Paul had a backstage altercation following the Paul vs. Woodley event and the two have since shot each other in the media.

Paul fired the final salvo in late September when he issued what he called a “final” warning to Fury to accept the terms of their proposed fight. In the post, he warned Fury not to waste the opportunity to fight him like Bellator fighter Dillon Danis did in previous negotiations and bluntly told Fury that “nobody cares about you if they don’t. was for your older brother, whom I respect, or your catfish girlfriend We all made you famous.

Fury has a high-profile relationship in British circles with Molly-Mae Hague, an English television personality whom he met on a popular British reality show. The island of love.

Asked about Paul’s message, Fury couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t even talk about it because it’s just silliness,” Fury said. “And the reason everything is bullshit when he says is because I’m not replaceable.” And the fact that I’m not replaceable is that everyone is fed up with seeing him fight those same fighters, UFC here, UFC there, old record, old men. There’s no one else with a brother like mine, the best fighter in the whole world – the WBC online heavyweight world champion – and me below him in the same class as Jake Paul with the weight. that I have. Name me another boxer who has had seven professionals and got the recognition that I have.

“It’s fair, maybe it is from something else, but the recognition is still there. There’s no one else around, and that’s why this fight is still being discussed and negotiated, because he knows how important this fight is. And if he went out to fight another man in the UFC, people would start to lose interest, and he knows it. But everything he says there is stupid, it is absolutely stupid. … I know it’s a cliché for a boxer to say it, but there won’t be a game plan for this fight. I’ll go straight to him and annihilate Jake Paul.

“It’s tailor-made for me,” Fury continued. “He doesn’t move his head. It’s pointless anyway – I wish Jake Paul hit me for the fun of it. He is not good. So I’m sick of people comparing the fight between me and him. There is no fight. I’m going to go and it’s a sure-fire victory for me.

Fury made it clear on Wednesday that a fight with Paul remains his preference, but added that he plans to fight again in December whether or not a deal is struck.

“Look, I’m not about to put my career at a standstill for someone like Jake Paul, a YouTuber,” Fury said. “I am a professional athlete, a professional boxer who has been doing this for a long time. Jake Paul or not Jake Paul, you will see me in the ring again in December.

Fury also took a trick out of Paul’s bag and walked away with a final message for his controversial American rival.

“When you and I step into the ring, kiss each other goodbye and never put on a pair of boxing gloves again because it’s over for you,” Fury said. “I’m going to send you straight back to where you belong – skipping YouTube decks and messing around, because you don’t belong to my world, mate.” And you will find out very soon. So keep talking.

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