Renee Paquette teases MMA’s dream opponent: “Maybe I can get Tonya Harding”


Renee Paquette has a fantastic turn to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) all planned out with a little help from co-host Miesha Tate, her husband Jon Moxley and heavyweight fighter Josh Barnett.

Paquette recently told her SiriusXM co-host, Tate, that she would be willing to participate in an MMA fight for the experience. The Throw with Renee and Miesha the host explained her dream debut.

“My husband [Moxley] for sure, ”she tells of who’s going to be in her corner. “I feel like his conversational skills are something I need a little more. I just like his swagger for my entry and feel like I can lean on him for that. Josh Barnett took to Twitter saying he thinks he can get enough change off the couch cushion for me for this fight I am talking about. I think he would be a great person … I think Miesha should be the third, of course.

“I always joked that my walkout music would be Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’. Maybe “Under Pressure”? I feel like you can’t go wrong with ‘Under Pressure’, it’s crowd pleaser. People can really join.

Moxley, who is present during the interview, protests against “Under Pressure”.

“Fk, that’s terrible,” Moxley interjected. “‘Bicycle’ is better than this st.”

As for an opponent, Paquette had an unexpected ironic response.

“I would say a celebrity crossover fight. I guess it should be a woman. I compare this a bit to Tonya Harding when she first started boxing, so maybe I can ask Tonya Harding to dust off her boxing gloves and we can go. Not that we have a problem between us, to begin with, but because I am essentially modeling my pro career from his pro-fighter career.

For the uninitiated, Paquette is a Canadian born host who got her big chance on The Score TV network as one of the hosts of Right after the fight, a later renowned professional wrestling studio show Consequences. She then spent eight years with WWE as an on-camera personality in various roles before parting ways with the company and launching it. Oral sessions Podcast.

“I’ve been watching basically since 2008, that’s probably when I started to get started,” she says of her MMA fandom. “When they had their first show in Montreal [UFC 83]. I was able to attend this first show. GSP was fighting and seeing it in that element and hearing those kicks and thumps connect – that was my first experience with MMA … It’s constantly lit in our house. It has been in and around my life for quite some time.

Paquette also reflects on his collaboration with ESPN’s Arda Ocal and acclaimed combat sports commentator Mauro Ranallo on Consequences.

“It makes me so happy. It’s so cool. It’s mind blowing to think about it again. I’m going to use Arda as an example, whatever he could have done,” she exclaims. showing up on ESPN, this dude works so hard. He just makes it work, be him doing the NHL, him covering video games, hopping on SportsCenter. He just finds a way to get in there and doing this job, I couldn’t be prouder of him and the career he’s been able to carve out.

“Mauro Ranallo, one of the best voices in all combat sports. The fact that I was able to start my career around him. It was one of my first experiences with someone of his caliber. Even when he joined WWE a bit, it was so nice to be able to see him there and be able to reconnect with him and follow his career.

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