Mullin’s whereabouts abroad are unknown after threatening U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan: report


The whereabouts of Republican Representative for Oklahoma Markwayne Mullin was unknown Tuesday evening after threatening embassy staff in Tajikistan as they attempted to reach Afghanistan, according to the report. Washington Post.

The newspaper reported that Mullin told embassy staff that he wanted to transport a “huge amount of money” from the former Soviet republic of Georgia to Tajikistan in order to evacuate an American family by helicopter, but his request assistance from the embassy was rejected.

The To post reports that Mullin also traveled to Greece last week in an attempt to reach the Afghan capital of Kabul, with the Pentagon also rejecting the request.

“To say it is extremely dangerous is an understatement,” he added. To post quotes an anonymous State Department official who allegedly spoke of Mullin’s alleged activities.

In a statement released after the To post In the published report, Mullin’s spokeswoman Meredith Blanford did not provide any information on his whereabouts or whether the story was accurate or not, noting only that Mullin was safe.

Mullin has no known experience in military service, having been a businessman and mixed martial arts fighter before he came to Congress.

In a July interview with C-SPAN about the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, Mullin has repeatedly stated that he has been in similar “overseas” situations. to the pro-Trump insurgency. When asked to elaborate, he said he would not.

Mullin strongly criticized the withdrawal of President Joe Biden from Afghanistan, in which 13 soldiers were killed.

“The Americans were stranded in Afghanistan by the Biden administration and must now defend themselves against the terrorists invading the country. One of the mottos of our military is ‘leave no one behind.’ But today it is. is exactly what President Biden did, “Mullin wrote on Facebook Monday.

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