MTA plans to extend Brooklyn 3 train to Gateway Center mall

EAST NEW YORK, BROOKLYN — Eastern New Yorkers could one day take a fast train to the Gateway Center Mall, transit officials say.

New documents show the MTA is considering extending the Brooklyn 3 line beyond its current end at New Lots Avenue station to Flatlands Avenue or Gateway Center Mall, which is now only accessible by car or by bus.

The expansion would mean easier travel for straphangers now forced to walk an extra mile from the subway station to reach the southern edges of the district.

But, as with any MTA project, neighbors shouldn’t hold their breath.

The project is one of two dozen ideas that transit officials plan to evaluate as they prepare a brief for upgrades for the next five years. The first stage of this process, known as a “needs assessment”, will not be completed until October 2023.

Then, if the Line 3 expansion makes the cut, it could be scheduled anytime between 2025 and 2044.

“This process documents the investments needed to serve the region for the next generation,” officials wrote.

From now on, the 3-line project would extend the New Lots Avenue line on an elevated platform through Livonia Yard to a new terminal at Flatlands Avenue and Linwood Street/Elton Street, or near Spring Creek and Gateway Center Mall, the documents show.

Other ideas for improving Brooklyn’s subways include extending the W train to Red Hook, upgrading subway lines near Utica Avenue, and a long-debated proposal to connect Brooklyn and Queens with an “Interborough” route. Express”.

The MTA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the proposed New Lots Avenue expansion.