Mike Harrington: Jack Eichel should assume certain risks and undergo surgery | Buffalo Sabers News


“Teams want clarity. And over the summer there hasn’t been a lot of clarity,” Adams said when he met with reporters from Buffalo at the start of training camp. “We have more clarity. The hope and strategy we were working on during the offseason was how to get Jack Eichel back to good health and how, if possible, to avoid surgery. Now we know where we are. … He’s an elite franchise player in his prime under contract. And we, as an organization, have to move forward, but we can’t compromise on some things that we believe in. . “

Another novelty came on Wednesday when the NHL announced its schedule of critical dates for the 2021-22 season. A somewhat later start to the season combined with the Olympic truce set things back a bit.

Instead of being at the end of June, the draft in Montreal is scheduled for July 7 and 8. Normally July 1 marks the start of a new league year, but that won’t be the case this year and it will have an impact on Eichel’s situation.

You would think the Sabers would have dealt with Eichel long before that date, but the date to watch now is July 13, 2022. The league has confirmed that this will be the date on which no-move clauses, such as the one in the contract. Eichel, will come into force. in the league schedule for 2022-23.

So that would be the date the Sabers lose control of the situation and Eichel could choose where he wants to play, assuming that team wants him and can agree to compensation with the Sabers. But Eichel would have the advantage and could force the Sabers’ hand if they hope to secure a comeback.

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