Miesha Tate thinks Conor McGregor acted like a ‘spoiled little one’


Miesha Tate is a mom of two young children, so she knows when someone is acting like a child and isn’t afraid to say so.

On Sunday night, Conor McGregor was embroiled in some sort of altercation with singer Machine Gun Kelly. The two had to be separated at MTV VMAs. McGregor was pulled away from Kelly’s surroundings and appeared to throw his drink at her. The argument made headlines and some members of the MMA community commented on the incident. One person with insight into McGregor’s behavior is Miesha Tate.

Tate was on the To throw show on Sirius XM, where she explained her thoughts on the incident.

“I think he’s (Conor McGregor) a hothead and I think he can’t help but get in trouble because I just think he doesn’t have the ability to swallow a little his pride or biting his tongue and stepping back, calm down, no, “Tate said (via Sportskeeda.)” He feels so entitled to be able to do whatever he wants, when he wants and he doesn’t like to be told no, he’s like a spoiled little toddler.

McGregor denied there was a feud, and in an interview with Entertainment tonight said he didn’t even know who Kelly was. This kind of McGregor’s action is nothing new. He has been arrested several times after similar altercations, one of the most notable cases being in Brooklyn, NY, when he attacked the UFC bus; and in Ireland, when he assaulted a man in a bar.

Do you agree with what Miesha Tate said about Conor McGregor?

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