Man struck by bouncer outside downtown bar dies of his injuries, police say

Pictured a man police say was punched outside a club by the bouncer died in hospital and the philadelphia cream The homicide unit is currently investigating.

The six-minute surveillance video was transmitted to FOX 29. The incident happened outside the Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar just before 1 a.m. on Saturday April 16.

Police said at the time Eric Pope, 41, was escorted out because he was intoxicated. As he stood along South 12th Street, police said the bouncer punched him, knocking him to the ground unconscious.


The video records Pope lying on the ground for a minute. The bouncers move him to the sidewalk where he remains for several more minutes. A crowd eventually forms around him and the video ends.

According to police, Pope died in hospital a week later on Saturday April 23.

Tabu’s owner told FOX 29 in an email that the bouncer involved is not a Tabu employee and the incident did not occur on their property. When this was brought to their attention, they immediately called 911 and are cooperating with the police investigation.