Luke Rockhold is a shower


It looks like Luke Rockhold has gotten under the skin of rising UFC bantamweight star Sean O’Malley.

According to O’Malley, he likes most UFC contract fighters, but recently admitted he thought Luke Rockhold was a “shower.” The former middleweight champion is set for a showdown with brash Sean Strickland at UFC 269 on December 11 inside Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York.

Rockhold’s opponent Strickland has also admitted that the former champion’s arrogance is off-putting. After Strickland’s cursed rant about Rockhold, fellow UFC fighter Sean O’Malley also shared his take on the former middleweight champion. In the latest episode of Sean O’Malley’s YouTube podcast, the bantamweight explained why he challenged one of AKA’s senior members.

“There’s nobody in the UFC that I don’t like. I take that off, Luke Rockhold is a jerk. Other than that my God sucks I can’t say that because he could … it’s hard to say because he can beat me so I hope I don’t find myself in a situation where it’s me and him in a room and I’m like ‘I didn’t mean that Luke. Lucas, I just thought what you were saying was silly, ”said Sean O’Malley.

O’Malley claims he could go back on his claims about Rockhold if they were ever trapped in a room together. After all, the 135-pound star understands the huge height difference between the two. “Suga” insists that Rockhold was drunk at a party and started harassing O’Malley’s father about his son’s loss to Marlon “Chito” Vera.

“They were in Whitefish. Luke [Rockhold] was drunk and he kept telling my dad ‘Chito beats your son’s ass.’ My dad said Luke was great (pissed off) but he kept saying “Chito beats your son’s ass **”. Why would he be like this? Luke said (to my dad) ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ And my dad said, ‘You sound familiar but I don’t know.’ So that probably pissed him off. I don’t know the whole story, ”Sean O’Malley said in a previous episode of his podcast.

Apparently, Sean Strickland and Sean O’Malley share their contempt for Rockhold. After the bantamweight admitted that the former champ tried to upset his father after O’Malley’s loss to Marlon Vera, his opinion of Rockhold took a turn for the worse. Unlike O’Malley, however, Strickland’s trashy conversation with Rockhold will reach heights that we don’t often see between two fighters on a big-name pay-per-view.

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