Did you know how the king of mixed martial arts Bruce Lee died?


The martial art of the king of Hollywood, Bruce Lee, is remembered today on the occasion of his death anniversary, because his legacy remains undisputed.

In July 1973, Lee died in Hong Kong at the age of 32 from cerebral edema. Despite his brief career, he became a force with which he became a movie star in Asia and later posthumously in America.

Lee’s original name was Lee Muyenne Keam and he was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, USA.

Starting his career as a child, at the age of 18 he starred in around twenty films. He studied martial arts called Bhavagchun in Hong Kong. Even in the United States, he continued his martial arts education.

Bruce was so immersed in the next realm that he created a new version of martial arts known as “Jeet Kune Do”.

In 1964, Bruce Lee married a young woman named Bhalla. Influenced by Bruce Lee’s martial arts in the late sixties, stars like Steve McQueen and James Carbon from Hong Kong named him their trainer.

An impressive resume for the karate star, his films include The Big Boss (1971), The Way of the Dragon (1972) etc.

Tragically, Lee died a month earlier in Hong Kong, but his latest film Enter the Dragon was a box office success. He ultimately grossed over $ 200 million, making his mark posthumously as a movie icon in America.

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