Collaboration, innovation at the center of the DIA 2022

After gathering attendees in the digital realm, thanks to the pandemic, the DIA Global Annual Meeting (running June 19-23) is meeting again in the real world, namely the city of Chicago. To find out what this year’s event has in store, Outsourcing-Pharma spoke with Courtney Granville, Global Associate Director of Research at DIA.

OSP:DIA 2022 is happening in the real world this year. Please tell us why the organizers decided to bring it back to a face-to-face event this time around.

CG: DIA members can’t wait to be back in person to celebrate our successes and collaborate on future innovations. Opportunities to learn, connect and collaborate are provided face-to-face.

The 2022 DIA Global Annual Meeting offers a unique engagement experience designed to foster interactions that connect you to new opportunities, the latest innovations, and lasting relationships. The networking, debate and discussions that take place at a live event are simply not the same in a virtual environment. DIA is excited to provide our participants with the opportunity to be creative and problem-solving when we are together. The Exhibit Hall helps attendees stay abreast of the latest innovations and is a place for networking and thought leadership. Through innovation theaters, community roundtables, and fun ways to network between sessions, this is a must-stop during the conference.

OSP: Could you please give us an idea of ​​what the key/central themes of the show might be?

CG: The central theme of the meeting is Innovation through collaboration​. We have seen an unprecedented rate of innovation adoption over the past two years. Now we have to maintain it across the spectrum.

The institutionalization of new technologies, approaches and ways of thinking forces us to work together in new ways. DIA provides a neutral forum for global, multidisciplinary conversation that helps spark collaboration.

OSP: Could you please share what you think are the highlights of the session and the not-to-be-missed events from the 2022 agenda?

Courtney Granville, Global Associate Director of Research, DIA

CG: DIA is proud to announce its Honorary Co-Chairs for this year’s GAM 2022.They are Robert Califf, Commissioner of the FDA; and Stephanie Crawford, executive assistant dean for faculty affairs and strategic initiatives and professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Systems, Outcomes, and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy.

An exciting DIAmond Opening Plenary Session on “The Future of Healthcare”. As we emerge from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the importance of inspiration and seeing a future where all people have access to lifesaving interventions has never been greater, and DIA aims to bring highlights some of the most forward-looking and positive views of the future of health care. This year’s format will be presented as a series of perspectives representing diversity of thought, subject matter and geography in a Ted Talk-like format, including:

  • The future of healthcare is centered on the individual patient.
  • The future of health care is inclusive.
  • The future of healthcare is global.
  • The future of healthcare is digital.

DIAmond sessions are designed to engage attendees in conversations about today’s priorities:

  • The FDA town hall that I will be moderating will include ideas from the directors of CDER, CBER and OCE
  • FDA/EMA Q&A period
  • A multi-stakeholder panel focused on collaboration and transformation, moderated by DIA Global Managing Director, Barbara Lopez Kunz
  • A panel on using real-world data to close diversity gaps

OSP: Outside of sessions, do you have any social or networking events you would like to tell DIA attendees about?

CG: Yes, they are:

  • June 13 – 17 Short courses, virtual only
  • Monday, June 20 | 6:30 a.m. CST | CISCRP 5K Medical Hero Appreciation
  • Monday, June 20 | 5-6pm CST in the Exhibit Hall | DIA Welcome Reception
  • Monday, June 20 | 6-10pm CST, DIA Inspire Awards 2022 (capacity is limited; for more information, contact Isabel Milan​ or Heej Ko​)
  • Monday, June 20 | 7:10 p.m. CST | Chicago White Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays Location: Guaranteed Rate Field
  • Community Zone in the Exhibit Hall – dedicated space for DIA members to meet and collaborate with other members.
  • Patient Programming
  • Student programming

OSP: What advice would you give to new participants?

CG. Create a Schedule – Download the DIA 2022 meeting app to create a schedule with personal sessions, mark speakers/sessions/exhibitors, and share DIA2022 experiences. Network as much as possible. Visit the exhibit area for giveaways and additional thought leadership. Come to the DIA booth to meet the organization and get help, anytime!

OSP: Do you have anything to add?

CG: Our community comes together to share learnings so that everyone involved in medical product development operates with cutting-edge thinking. Trends that have been uncovered during the pandemic will inform the key conversations our sessions will spark:

  • Supporting innovation during the pandemic
  • Global Harmonization, Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Regulatory flexibility
  • Use of real-world data and evidence during the pandemic and beyond
  • Challenges in recruiting diverse populations into clinical trials (best practices and lessons learned from covid-19 vaccine trials)
  • Remote monitoring of clinical trials
  • Wider integration of digital and remote approaches
  • Decentralized clinical trials
  • Importance of patient involvement
  • Supply chain challenges

DIA’s global annual meeting is scheduled for June 19-23 in Chicago. Read here for more information or to register for the event.