Claressa Shields regrets not joining MMA sooner


Claressa Shields wishes she would turn to MMA sooner due to the state of women’s boxing.

Shields is one of the best female boxers as she is the undisputed champion in two weight classes and has held titles in three weight classes. She is also a two-time Olympic gold medalist, but despite being 11-0 in boxing, she recently switched to MMA and signed with the PFL. For Shields, she says she wishes she had made that change earlier in her career.

“I feel like I wouldn’t have changed if I could become a household name in boxing,” Shields told MMA Junkie. “I feel like I did everything I could in boxing to be that household name and get that million dollar check. Even with all of my accomplishments, it’s still not enough. It just pissed me off in general. But I have decided that you know, instead of pulling out of boxing and saying ‘F this sport’, I’m going to keep defending my boxing titles.

“But I’m going to use my youth of 26 and see what I can do at 32 – see if I can become an MMA champion and a household name in MMA,” Shields continued. “I have already become a household name in MMA over the past few months right after a fight. So I should have started doing MMA much earlier. In boxing you can only go so far and get so much notoriety, but in MMA it’s limitless.

Olympic Gold Medalist Claressa Shields, Associated Press

Why Claressa Shields wishes she had gone to MMA sooner is due to how they promote women’s fights over boxing. In boxing, women rarely make the headlines and they only fight in two-minute rounds, which Shields deems sexist.

Shields isn’t the only boxer to say something about it, either. She also did a women-only pay-per-view to prove that women can sell fights. However, it looks like from now on she will be focusing on MMA.

“It’s sexist for people to say that (women can’t sell) without giving up the opportunity,” Shields said. “That’s the thing. Start giving women the opportunity, start getting numbers. And if women don’t sell, whatever if they don’t sell, do your job and promote. fights. Build the story. Get the girls to push each other to weigh-ins and shit. Do your job. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

“But they feel in women’s boxing that it’s impossible. How is that not possible if women in MMA are doing it? I think the guys at the top who don’t want to cut the check, they’re just saying all that to save money. “Women can’t do that. Women can’t do that. It’s going to make us lose money, ”when it’s not,” Shields concluded.

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