Can Michael Page get one from Douglas Lima?


The Bellator 267 main event will feature a rematch between two welterweight fan favorites in Douglas Lima and Michael Page.

In their first fight, we were treated to some interesting rounds where Page tried to charm the stone that is Lima. Using his patent feints and stance changes, Page tried to draw and push Lima, who was mostly looking to counter from the outside with low kicks.

Page managed to achieve some success early in the second round by pulling a lead from Lima and pushing him back on the pass with a crushing cross-cross. Lima appeared to be on skates from the shot, but was able to pull himself together in time to land a well-placed kick in the blade position of a salivating ‘Venom’ Page.

This, of course, degraded Page’s position and created a stampede that resulted in Lima landing a fatal blow.

Since then, Page has proven that he can bounce back from a loss and resume his activities in all of his usual ways.

A self-proclaimed snake charmer, Page can distract his opponents by having them stare at the proverbial birdy before punching the pike accurately. Even when Page seems to be on the verge of poking fun at his counterparts with mind-blowing dance moves, he actually throws out any potential reads his opponent might give him.

For example, many strikers will tell you that they tend to keep a general focus between their opponent’s shoulders, as this will usually give them an indication of when and where their counterpart is offending. So with that in mind, it’s not hard to see why Page can be so hard for fighters to beat during his dance demonstrations.

However, during his meeting with Ross Houston, we saw Page apply a more boxing-centric stance whenever he operated in an orthodox fashion, showing off solid punching mechanics and a decent guard to boot. While it was a pleasant surprise to see Page embracing his boxing skills in this way, I wonder how much of that approach he will seek to incorporate against Lima.

A former welterweight hub, Lima has maintained fairly consistent threats throughout his career.

Regularly stalking his prey behind subtle feints and fakes, the Brazilian is rarely out of position while keeping his patented right hand close at hand. While this weapon served Lima well both on and off the counter, his dependence on it also cost him hand injuries.

Subsequently, we saw Lima improve his left hand in the latter part of his career, as he now throws an improved jab to accompany his already powerful left hook and kicks. Even when spinning in circles, the champion will now intelligently attach control hooks to his head foot pivots, which could come in handy when considering the hopping and low movements of his counterpart.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Lima return to the low kicks that facilitated his victory in the first fight, but he will have to be careful of any potential counters that might lie ahead.

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