Bullets found at Center Line High School – Macomb Daily

Three school districts in Macomb County conducted investigations Thursday regarding perceived threats of violence or the discovery of objects that may be linked to a planned violent incident.

Bullets were found in the restroom at Center Line High School, according to a statement from Superintendent Joseph Haynes. Center Line Public Safety was alerted to the discovery and assisted school officials in investigating and searching the area where the bullets were found, but no weapon was found.

Afterwards, a third-grader from Center Line reported seeing someone in the elementary school parking lot with a gun. The three schools on the Center Line campus – high school, middle school and elementary school – locked down for 90 minutes while police searched the perimeter of the campus and walked through the interior of the buildings twice.

“I think we sent out three or four communications to parents in that hour and a half,” Haynes said. “I understand the lockdown is an inconvenience, but the length of the lockdown was due to the police wanting to make sure everything was checked. The police, staff and students really worked together to remedy the situation.

At Siersma Elementary School in Warren, a parent who was volunteering at the school for the annual Fun Run event had a black mask in his hand that a student mistook for a gun and reported the observation to school officials.

“The school closed, but it was all over and done in 20 minutes,” said Robert Livernois, superintendent of Warren Consolidated Schools. “The fun run was able to go through without any issues.”

Consolidated Superintendent Warren. Robert Livernois (FILE PHOTO)

A communication to parents at Burr Elementary School said a student made ‘threatening statements and gestures’ while in a classroom and the student was expelled from school pending investigation pursuant to the Utica Community Schools Code of Conduct. The communication went on to say that every threat is taken seriously by Utica Community Schools and the consequences for students could be “severe and life-altering.”

The incidents happened the same day Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer issued a press release regarding the active shooter readiness training his officers recently participated in. Tactics, assistance and communication were important elements of the training, as was the policy of entering a building immediately in order to neutralize a threat.

“The Warren Police Department takes active shooter training very seriously,” Dwyer said. “As Commissioner of Police, I want the public to know that the Department is well prepared to respond to a potential active shooter scenario.”

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