Athletics take center stage at Experience Kingston in June 2022

When the first event takes place on Thursday June 23 for the start of the National Junior and Senior Track and Field Championships, the National Stadium will be the centerpiece of the action in Kingston this weekend.

In what could already be considered one of the most exciting championships in recent years, track and field experts are all salivating at the heated and fierce competition that will take place.

I won’t even try to list all the events, but it is certain that Kevona Davis’ 10.95 (0.9 m/s) in the 100 meters at the Big 12 Championshipsbecoming the 19th Jamaican woman to run under 11 seconds in this event, makes for an interesting matchup.

The slate of events inside and outside Jamaica before June 23 will also feature exciting competition between sprinters, hurdlers, throwers and jumpers, especially among women.

The men, not to be outdone, have their own battles in hurdles, jumps and throws.

While the focus will be on athletics, Kingston will be in the spotlight and patrons of sport and entertainment will have their pick of some of the best music, live and recorded, food and just the atmosphere of the creative city, Kingston.

Business partners are close to getting closer to available packages.

The meet will be broadcast on radio, television and online for viewers around the world as this weekend “expects to be epic”, an athletics insider said.

Experience Kingston will focus on the diverse yet cultural offerings of the city which “has something for everyone in the family”.

For those out of town or island:

Come for the athletics, stay for the vibe.

The championships will include:

  • Fierce competition in junior and senior events
  • Entertainment with a live DJ and MC
  • Special catering service for certain blocks of seats
  • Possibility to reserve your seats in advance (early bird and regular)
  • Opportunity to win prizes and surprises

It’s a family affair when you experience Kingston, June 23-26.