[ARCHIVES] Julianna Peña to Amanda Nunes: Defend or Evacuate


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Julianna Peña believes Amanda Nunes is around two months old until she is dropped from her bantamweight championship.

Bantamweight contender Julianna Peña will take on Germaine de Randamie tonight at UFC on ESPN 16 in a fight that has major implications for the title photo at 135. Defending champion Amanda Nunes has ruled the division for four years now. , but added a championship featherweight to her responsibilities at the end of 2018, which helped make her a less active bantamweight champion. This fact has not escaped Julianna Peña, who believes that if Nunes does not defend the belt soon, she should give up the championship.

“Look, I have respect for all these women in the division. Of course I have respect for the champion, ”Peña told the UFC on ESPN Media Day 16.“ But one thing I see happening all the time is if you don’t fight. not for your belt in a year, then you have to give it up. And if she isn’t fighting for the 135-pound belt, it’s time to give it up and let someone else try.

Julianna Peña’s goal remains the same

Amanda Nunes’ last title defense came in December last year with a shutout victory over Peña’s opponent tonight, Germaine de Randamie. That would give Nunes two months to defend her title if Peña’s recommendation came true. And if Nunes were to leave the bantamweight championship, Peña wouldn’t feel cheated by having bad luck with the greatest WMMA fighter of all time, as his main focus is faceless.

“If she doesn’t want to beat me, then that’s okay,” Pena said. “Looks like she picked most of her fights. And that’s her right as a champion, but my job is to keep my eyes on the prize. And for me, it’s always been about fighting for the belt and having those 12 pounds of gold around my waist. And that’s the only thing I see. That’s my goal, and I’m not going to stop until I get there.

Chances are, with a win tonight over Germaine de Randamie, Peña will have the opportunity to reach her goal in her next fight and give Nunes the new challenge she was deprived of.

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